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ShinyGeoip Version 2.0 - A performance update

With increasing traffic on my free GeoIp API I decided to take a detailed look onto the application powering the API to check if performance improvements were possible. In the end the application got the whole nekudo performance overhauling. This is a detailed report about what I changed.

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ShinyDeploy - A deployment tool for web applications

In this article I want to introduce "ShinyDeploy" - a project I have been working on during the last month. As many features are already implemented and working I decided that it's time to introduce this application to the community and hopefully find some beta-testers.

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Autoloading performance while using Composer

Almost every PHP project these days uses composer to manage its dependencies. One of the advantages is that it manages the class loading for you. You just need to use the correct namespaces in your sourcecode and the classes will be automatically loaded. But what about performance?

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ShinyGeoip project status

About 10 month ago I released ShinyGeoip and started the free geolocation API at so I guess it's about time for a quick status update.

The code seems to be quite stable as I had to fix only minor bugs during the last 10 month. For performance reasons I decided to kick the Basscss toolkit and replace with some own lines of CSS to reduce the overhead when loading the homepage.

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Microservices in PHP using Gearman

As microservices seem to become more and more popular right now I decided to write an article about Gearman. Why? Because in my opinion Gearman is a great tool to implement the microservices pattern into PHP applications. Additionally I'm using Gearman in my projects for quite a while now. But let's start from the beginning.

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